How much to make my product well designed?

How much to make my product well designed?


Project starting at 7 800 €

1.Opening Mission

We create with you the whole experience of the product through wireframes first, then through mock ups. We start the project with a 3 hours workshop that allows us and your team to co-built the brief. Then we list all the features needed and organise them in a product roadmap. We schedule at least one meeting every week in order to iterate together and make sure we follow the roadmap defined.

2 months

7 800 €

2.Follow Up

After the opening mission, we can pursue the design work based on the product roadmap

Per month

3 900 €

They love our work

Pelostudio is accompanying us during all the design phases of our product. It’s an innovative software that can do a lot. Their creativity and ideas help us design a user experience that fulfils our expectations.

Christophe Bourguignat , CEO @ Zelros

Before we started working with Pelostudio we had no brand, no logo, so basically nothing. During a workshop, they started from scratch and helped us defining our communication strategy. Very quickly, they delivered detailed mockups that could be integrated by our developers. Without these guys, we couldn’t have had such a successful launch.

Yann Person , CEO @

Nice team, very reactive, with some very completing profiles and real UX/UI knowledge. They quickly understood the ins and outs of our product despite its complexity (clinical research) and their iterative process allowed us to follow the development and get the right deliverables very quickly.

Kourosh Davarpanah , CEO @ Inato